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About Us

About Us

Fiveash-Stanley is one of Georgia’s leading government and public affairs consulting firms.  Founded in 2000, our team brings together more than four decades of experience, relationships, and client success stories.  We understand that shaping today’s public opinion requires strong relationships, advocacy skills, and integrity.  Our ability to educate elected officials and key decision makers in an honest, insightful and convincing manner continues to deliver results for our clients.

We are different by design.  Our firm succeeds by delivering results to our clients.  We only pursue those clients that we can fully serve.  In doing so, we reserve our energy and resources for our limited client base and do not overextend our relationships or manpower.  We structure our firm and serve our clients in a way that cultivates long-term relationships.

Our accomplishments have not gone unnoticed.  For over a decade, Fiveash-Stanley has ranked among the most influential consulting firms in the State by our peers and Georgia’s political elite.  In 2016, 2017 and again this year, the firm was recognized as the top small firm in the state by James Magazine.*

When issues important to your industry surface, you need the assurance that your partners understand your interests, advise you based on that knowledge, and can deliver your message to Georgia’s policymakers.  Your consultant must have your interests at heart and be available to you when needed.  This is the way we conduct business, and what you can expect from Fiveash ⋅ Stanley.

*Annual Georgia lobbyist rankings are compiled by James Magazine, published by Internet News Agency, LLC.  Fiveash-Stanley has been recognized as one of the top non-law firms every year since 2005.  Rankings were published in the following editions of James Magazine: Sep/Oct 2018.  Sep/Oct 2017.  Sep/Oct 2016.  Sep/Oct 2015.  Sep/Oct 2014.  Nov/Dec 2013.  Oct/Nov 2012.  Vol 7 No 5, 2011.  Vol 6 No 8, 2010.  Vol 5 No 8, 2009.  Vol 4 No 11, 2008.  Vol 3 No 3, 2007.  Vol 2 No 4, 2006.  Vol 1 No 6, 2005.