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We Are Different

We Are Different

You are served by the principals – the same team you interview and hire is the team representing and serving your company.

We’re built for the long-term.  Fiveash-Stanley is not the largest firm in the state and that is by design.  We accept only the type and caliber of clients that we can serve well, and we limit the quantity of business to a level that we can fully serve.

We are responsive to all of our clients, and they do not have to fight for our attention.  We are ready to act when unforeseen events surface that require immediate attention.  Our clients know that we have taken the time to absorb their interests and advise them based on this understanding.  Most importantly, they know that we deliver results.

For many firms, the first and last time a client interacts with the principal is during the interview process.  Dissatisfied clients fight for attention and service and the lobbyists are generally the only beneficiaries of that relationship.  Clients are then sloughed off to a junior advocate assigned to the account.  We won’t send in the principals to get your business – then dispatch junior replacements to do the work.  Firms that sign on dozens of clients are better at marketing than issue advocacy.

Fiveash-Stanley clients have the comfort of knowing that their advocates do not represent conflicting interests.  We work to avoid problems before they start, but if a potential conflict arises between existing clients we resolve the matter quickly and honestly.

We don’t claim to be the right match for everyone, but there is a strong chance that Fiveash-Stanley is the right fit for you.